About Us

We are a unique blend of tech+business minded people who help business owners to sell their domains, websites and apps with ease of mind.

Unlike other brokers/marketplaces where most of the brokers are purely business people who have little or no knowledge of tech, we are techies with business acumen who are expert in the both world. This skill set makes us unique in the industry which avoids the classical mistakes of under/over valuing the digital assets.

We offer accurate valuation thanks to our knowledge of technology and business.

We buy domains, websites and apps for our own businesses as well as sell our own assets. We also help other developers or business owners to buy and sell domains, apps and website.

No-Nonsense approach to the whole process

We come down straight to the business without much formalities. You don’t have to create account or upload and verify your identity thus leaking your private data to the others. Just contact us with the assets you would like to buy or sell and we will get the process going in no time.